What is the shelf life of REFUEL?
2 years, if kept cool and out of sunlight
Why is REFUEL a lower sodium formula than other drink mixes?
We designed it to have less sodium for individuals possibly on a sodium restricted diet. Most oral rehydration drinks have excessive amounts of sodium that may not necessarily be needed by the body and will be excreted out.
Why is it important to take REFUEL before a stressful outdoor event:
By the time you become thirsty, dehydration may have already set in, and your electrolytes may already be out of balance. So, it is important to REFUEL in anticipation of extreme temperature conditions, as well as during.
Why isn’t REFUEL sugar-free?
Although many Americans are concerned about excessive carbohydrates in drink mixes, a small amount of sugar and water is essential for absorption into the body’s cells. This is called “active transport”. Without some real sugar, absorption into the body’s cells slows down.
Can I use ReFuel reservoirs with REFUEL?
Yes. While most other reservoirs recommend water only. REFUEL reservoirs are designed to be used with REFUEL (Hydration Drink Mix) and other drink mixes of your choice. REFUEL reservoirs may be used a dozen times before you need to replace and recycle your reservoir. Please see reservoir instructions for complete details.